Mom Life, Real Life

Let’s get real, moms. For those of us that have social media, we all post the pic’s reflecting the snuggles, the giggles and the JOY that radiates from our hearts in when it comes to being a ‘mommy’…. Ok. Yes. Those moments of joy are so real and we love our kiddos and we’d do anything for them. But the truth is (unless I’m the ONLY crazy lady here) that some days we just want to lock them in a sound proof room just to get some peace and quiet. If you’re a mom and you’ve never felt like doing this, please share your secret to keeping it cool.

I’m not sharing anything you don’t already know. I know that. And my expert advice for you today? I have none. I’m in the thick of it with you all, my mom friends! But what I do have, is empathy. Everyone of our struggles as mom’s are so very different and yet so very similar. Although I know you know that you’re not alone in this mom life, sometimes is just nice to have that reminder.

-You’re not the only mom that yells
-You’re not the only mom that sounds like she’s having a shit fit to anyone walking by an open window at the same time her 5 year old drops their entire bowl of Mr. Noodle onto the floor after you just cleaned the floor AND had just told her to leave it there, that you’d get it.
-You’re not the only mom that forgets what grade her middle child is in- every year for the last 3 years. -_-
-You’re not the only mom feeling guilty for wanting to start her own business but feeling like it would be a selfish choice.
-You’re not alone

Sometimes you just have to shake it off and realize that finding the answers, or even balance, for that matter, in motherhood is never going to be perfected. Start to perfectly embrace your skill at maneuvering imperfections. You’re going to drop the balls. Some days you’re gonna rock it and somedays you’re gonna flop it so badly. That’s NORMAL! – Welcome to the entire human mom race!

From one mom to the next- Chin up. You’re a mom, but you are a human being first.

When asking Ruby, what she thought I did for fun as a mom- her response was priceless and so very true “You sing around the house and you bother the children.”

That. That right there is the answer ^^^^. Most mornings, I dance and sing like NOBODY is watching – which you will NEVER witness unless my children secretly record it and post it on Youtube haha. I’m learing to be a real goof in the midst of my big flops. The kids definitely get to witness real life at it’s finest right here in this vessel of mine.

Feel free to watch the little clip below of our two youngest letting me know what they think being a mom is all about 😉

Much love,


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