My Journey is A Work of Art

Shedding what no longer serves you. When you read that statement, what comes to mind? At first thought, I receive a sense of freedom, peace, awakening, and a lifted weight. But can I openly share what rises up within me when I dive beneath the surface of this statement: Shedding what no longer serves me….Continue reading “My Journey is A Work of Art”

Judgement vs Improvement

Last week, while I was engaged in my usual deep dive into learning session (this particular morning was Human Design research that had me locked in, forgetting about time and space. 100% immersed going down trail after trail of interesting discoveries) During this time, I got an AHA moment , like I so often do.Continue reading “Judgement vs Improvement”

Self-Care: A call to Action

I don’t ever recall being taught self-care in school-back in the 80’s/90’s. Maybe it was, and I just never payed attention? However, a recent poll that I posted, resulted with 99% of all who participated, having had no recollection of ever being taught on the subject either. Math, science, social studies, language, etc… all ofContinue reading “Self-Care: A call to Action”