Judgement vs Improvement

Last week, while I was engaged in my usual deep dive into learning session (this particular morning was Human Design research that had me locked in, forgetting about time and space. 100% immersed going down trail after trail of interesting discoveries)

During this time, I got an AHA moment , like I so often do. Sometimes I grab my notebook and write down my thoughts as fast as I can get them out- only to have the page unread by anyone else other than myself. Sometimes, though, I feel the need to share.

This morning, I feel the need to share.

MANY of us, were born with a natural desire to IMPROVE situations around us. We see chaos, we want to FIX it right away. We see a loved one doing something we believe is dangerous to their physical, mental or spiritual health and we jump in to ‘save the day.’

And yes, I’m going to bring it up- the world today in 2021- heading off into 2022….

Many of us have different convictions and different beliefs. It’s no surprise. It’s been like that since the beginning of time.

And so, as all of us learn to navigate our own thoughts and beliefs- We all kick into high gear ‘improvement’ mode. The goal behind preaching is just that- wanting to FIX, to IMPROVE.

But many times, what translates:

Is judgement.

We don’ take on the title of ‘hero’ or ‘fixer’…. we are labelled as ‘judge’ or ‘nag’.

Stop and think about a time when a loved one tried to change you or to change your ways. The odds are that they loved you and were coming from a place of good intention. OR maybe it was a matter of control and you were left with no space to think for yourself…either way…

How did that make you feel? Angry? Condemned? Frustrated? Depressed? Unprepared? Caught of guard? Lost? Lonely…. shame….closed off…defeated….disempowered…unworthy.

It’s ok to want to improve a situation when we’re coming from a place of love…but if the human being on the other end of your intention isn’t ready or wanting to take your advice, it will never ever come across as a desire for improvement. It will come across as judgement, conditional love and unacceptance.

So much. So much going on in the world today. So many, discriminated. So much info, so many different views of good and bad, right or wrong, life and death.


No matter our beliefs, now is not the time to post sides on our social media platforms- especially from a place of judgement- “I’m right, YOU’RE wrong.” The anger and insatiable drive to PROVE our points are causing DIVIDE.

**Please note, I’m not talking about bringing forth awareness. Awareness good. But even at that. If your facts don’t line up with the other person’s beliefs on the other end- Is it ok to judge and call them wrong?**

What would happen if we channeled our desire for improvement in the world with the intention to stand for unity, instead of the intention of being proven right? What would happen if we respected our neighbor’s by separating our opinions and allowing them keep theirs, un-condemned?

One final thought….

Love casts out all fear – 1 John 4:18

Much love ,


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