My Journey is A Work of Art

Shedding what no longer serves you.

When you read that statement, what comes to mind?

At first thought, I receive a sense of freedom, peace, awakening, and a lifted weight.

But can I openly share what rises up within me when I dive beneath the surface of this statement: Shedding what no longer serves me….

A battlefield.

Letting go of what no longer serves us is a process. A healing process. Healing can be uncomfortable. The things that we hang on to deeply that are no longer serving us, are often there as a form of some sort of attempt at protecting ourselves. They don’t serve us. They form walls that we believe are protecting us. Those things that no longer serve present in different forms:

False beliefs
Acceptance from others
Walls of protection
Hardening of the heart

……Just to name a few.

So why? Why do we chose things that don’t really serve us to begin with???? Can you relate with some of these examples?

*Ease the hurt of disappointment
*Attempt to protect the heart from fully feeling. (We think-The less emotion, the less risk of hurting.)
*Anger towards others
*Fear of vulnerability
*Distractions from facing reality

Today… a part of my heart opened up to the possibility of releasing some things that no longer serve me. I’ve been here before. I can truthfully share with you, that releasing things deep, deep down below the surface is temporarily painful.

Just because it’s not a walk in the park, does not mean it’s not worth it.

Tired of living in a box?

Shed those things in your timing. Release as you feel led….Those things holding you back from living outside of that box.

Do I have the energy to go to war right now? Am I/Are you…willing to fight for your greater good?

I ain’t there yet. But I’m healing.

It’s not easy to look deep, feel deep.

Wishing you a beautiful day of just ‘being’. Don’t overthink. Spend some time with yourself. Do something that makes you smile- even if it’s the smallest of actions.


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