Pep Talk

Tuesday blog posts. I promised myself that I’d be consistent and that I would deliver one shred of wisdom or insight just once a week. How hard could that be?

Well today, was the first Tuesday that I’ve had zero inspiration to share with anyone…or so I thought. All day, beginning this morning, I combed through my thoughts searching for some tidbit of anything positive or uplifting that I could grab onto and expand on in order to write about.

Every thought was like a feather caught in a windstorm today. As soon an inspiring thought was about to transpire, it was bulldozed by a huge gust of wind.

I will be the first to coach you on mindset and on how it’s possible to take each thought captive. I will coach you and encourage you (if you’re willing to listen) however, that does not mean that I don’t struggle just as much as the next dude.

Today was one of those days. Because I had no inspiration this morning I automatically jumped into full blown mission mode. I hopped online, signed up for 2 more courses, started one at 6 am. No time for flight mode, I thought. It’s time to fight. My body was tense, and I could feel stress rising. Then came the doubts…. “Tara, you’re so scattered, how will you ever get to your year end goal?” As you can imagine, that thought led to many others until I was mentally drained – and I hadn’t even started my work day yet.

I closed my lap top. Now running behind and needing to to get ready for work, while thinking, ” CRAP. I didn’t post on my blog. I can’t even do that one simple thing!”

Just then, I closed my eyes. I intentionally made the conscious decision to practice what I preach and I quit the self- sabotaging. Once you get on that road and gain momentum with neg self-talk, it can be hard to slow down.

This was the pep talk I gave myself:

“It’s ok to slow down. It’s productive to slow down when you’re feeling stressed. It’s healthy to pause and think about which direction you want to take. It’s ok if you shift directions. I can attract my next or continued opportunity instead of chasing it. Feeling pressured is a sign that I’m not taking a healthy approach. I have the ability to succeed with the talents that I’ve been gifted.”

I’ll be honest. My day didn’t morph that instant into a walk in the park. My thoughts were still bounding on and off- but the shift was that I had become aware of my toxic thoughts and I knew I could combat them with fresh beliefs when I took a moment to slow down and take those lying thoughts captive.

Tonight, I’m feeling lighter. Tonight I am human. Tonight or today, or whenever you are reading this, I hope you know that you have permission to feel and to share your truths. It’s ok if they are not pretty or perfect.

My hope is that if you are reading this…and if you’ve made it all the way to the end, most likely you need that little pep talk as well. Feel free to speak it out loud and claim it as your own.

One last thing…. thank your for joining me on my journey ❤

Much love, T

2 thoughts on “Pep Talk

  1. I heard that God has power, wisdom and love. We all are divine beings and can hon into these attributes. I find my highest intuition, inspiration and love comes when I am still and quite. Before going to the have to do list, I love myself enough to be still and then I reach for clarity. I sit it in nature, watch a bird, see a sunrise and am present in the moment of splendor with gratitude. I do this even in my car still in the parking lot before I turn my engine on.


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