Ride The Wave

Chuggin’ along, just ridding up that hill. This train of mine is going higher and higher and higher. Tootin’ my “I’ve got this shit” horn. I’m almost at the top of the hill and I can see the skyline creeping up. Damn straight I’m getting ready to bask in the beautiful view that is going to fill my soul with the deepest satisfaction that I’ve ever known possible. Ain’t nothin’ gonna stop my top of the mountain destination.

I’m at the top! I’m getting ready to dig out my tent and call this place home!

But there’s no landscape. No wide open space to hop off and run through the field of pure satisfaction. Just a bloody slope to bring me back down the other side. I’m only at the top for 5 seconds when, “Welcome back,” the valley below taunts, “to the rollercoaster called life.” And down I go.

Side note: not everyone’s life feels as rollercoaster-ish as what I’m describing. But mine does. For those that can relate, I’m led by an emotional center and can be easily influenced as I feed off of others emotions as well. Some days the rollercoaster isn’t just any old circus ride but more like the freaking Leviathan at Canada’s wonderland. Anybody else?

Let me get back on track here 😉 Let me point out the obvious. Life is going to have it’s peaks and valleys. I don’t care who you are or how much you pray, visualize, manifest or practice the law of attraction. You’re going to face up’s and down’s. I’m talking, “hey, yesterday was amazing and I felt so accomplished and today feels like a big long mud slid right into an unexpected shit show.”

Guess what…You are normal. Everyone has those days, that no matter what we do, we sometimes can’t shake the blahs, the low’s. We can’t always just ‘snap’ out of it. That’s what I typically say to myself. “Snap out of it.” But that only makes things worse. Because when I can’t just SHIFT in THAT moment, failure starts to set in and just makes the intensity of the crap day feel even crapy-er.

Call it what it is. Say it. “Today is just really off.” “Today is shit.” “Today is hard.” “I want today to be over.” Call it what it is.

The pivotal shift that can’t be skipped, however, is a 2 step. Not only do you need to acknowledge your fart in a windstorm display of emotions, but follow that acceptance by visualizing, praying for and manifesting better days ahead. Embrace your feelings but refuse to stay there forever. Acknowledge that you’ll go back up the mountain again and it will be beautiful.

Don’t get STUCK. Think on those positive thoughts. The feel good, warm and fuzzy’s might not kick in right away, but when you think positive and expect the best, your mood will eventually lift. Might not be today, but if you keep calling and believing for better days, extraordinary days, they will come.

So if you were on your way up the mountain yesterday, but today your horse and buggy barreled down the hill, just remember:

That’s life.

You’re normal.

And sometimes, you just have to ride the wave ❤

Much love T 🙂

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