Don’t Ignore the Aha

So often I have thoughts, visions, insights and encouraging words rolling around in my brain and I think to myself, “ohhh, I’ve gotta blog about that!” I’ll get an aha! moment and just wanna share it with everyone ’cause out of ‘everyone’ there’s gonna be maybe at least one person that will find encouragement from it.

Well. I’ve gotta say, I haven’t been following through. I put it off, thinking that ‘later’ will be more convenient…when it never EVER is. Before I know it, a day, a week, a month goes by and my aha moment was never shared.

Really, my excuses are endless and I’m not even going to list them here because as I was writing them out, I couldn’t get over how pathetic each excuse was. (Glad I took that course on how to deal with irrational thoughts!) I’m one to encourage others to get out of their own heads. How can I coach and encourage others, when I suck so bad at coaching myself? If you can’t say Amen, say ouch.

Time to practice what I preach.

Every Tuesday, you’ll find a post on THIS very blog with only God knows what kind of content. I love structure but I’m finding a true desire to explore and go where the wind blows these last few months.

I can tell you it will most likely have something to do with REAL LIFE and MINDSET.

My encouragement for YOU today- Don’t keep putting off your aha moments! You don’t know WHO in this world is going to be impacted when you follow through with them.

Go today, where the wind takes you.

Yours truly,

T 🙂

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