Journey to Your Desires

What is it that you long for? What brings you joy the moment you think about having it or think about moving closer to having it?
What makes you sit a little taller and try a little harder? What gets you out of your rut when you’re stuck in one?


I think setting intentions at night before you fall asleep or setting your intentions in the morning when you wake up is super awesome. Along with visualization, meditation, prayer and exercise- setting yourself up for success everyday is the way to go. Even throw in some affirmations and we are. ALL. SET.

But then what? What if we don’t think about the intentions we set for the rest of the day? Even worse, what if we don’t action them out at all? I’ll tell you what happens….we develop self awareness amnesia. We get busy with life: work, kids, sore back, STATS Canada showing up on our doorstep o_o, relationship tiffs, offenses-because someone looked at us the wrong way or didn’t text us back in a timely manor. We fall short, fall into shame and beat ourselves up. We start to question ‘why do I even bother?’….

Ok, I might be taking it to the extreme here but let’s be real: LIFE happens all day long and it’s not always (hardly ever is) the feel good fuzzy’s of life that we get handed to us. Reminder: Mountain top experiences do not happen on the daily and that’s normal! We don’t grow on the mountain. We grow in the valleys.

It’s easy to forget about our desires and our goals when life gets hard. We put them on the back burner until it’s ‘the right time.’

And that’s why practicing self awareness is so crucial. Part of self awareness is pondering what you desire. Bring your attention and your awareness towards your desires.

Stopping throughout the day to envision the end result of where you’re aiming to get and have, can be life changing if you allow it. I’m talking just a minute here and there. Set your alarm if you need to. Pause for 30 seconds, 1 minute or more if you can or want, and bring your full attention to your desires. In that time, focus on what you want to achieve. And know that even if it seems like it’s just so so far away, life can change in an instant to line up with your desires. The journey is never ever wasted.

Will you make self awareness a part of your daily practice?

Think on that 😉

Much love, T:)

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