Journey to Your Desires

What is it that you long for? What brings you joy the moment you think about having it or think about moving closer to having it?
What makes you sit a little taller and try a little harder? What gets you out of your rut when you’re stuck in one?


I think setting intentions at night before you fall asleep or setting your intentions in the morning when you wake up is super awesome. Along with visualization, meditation, prayer and exercise- setting yourself up for success everyday is the way to go. Even throw in some affirmations and we are. ALL. SET.

But then what? What if we don’t think about the intentions we set for the rest of the day? Even worse, what if we don’t action them out at all? I’ll tell you what happens….we develop self awareness amnesia. We get busy with life: work, kids, sore back, STATS Canada showing up on our doorstep o_o, relationship tiffs, offenses-because someone looked at us the wrong way or didn’t text us back in a timely manor. We fall short, fall into shame and beat ourselves up. We start to question ‘why do I even bother?’….

Ok, I might be taking it to the extreme here but let’s be real: LIFE happens all day long and it’s not always (hardly ever is) the feel good fuzzy’s of life that we get handed to us. Reminder: Mountain top experiences do not happen on the daily and that’s normal! We don’t grow on the mountain. We grow in the valleys.

It’s easy to forget about our desires and our goals when life gets hard. We put them on the back burner until it’s ‘the right time.’

And that’s why practicing self awareness is so crucial. Part of self awareness is pondering what you desire. Bring your attention and your awareness towards your desires.

Stopping throughout the day to envision the end result of where you’re aiming to get and have, can be life changing if you allow it. I’m talking just a minute here and there. Set your alarm if you need to. Pause for 30 seconds, 1 minute or more if you can or want, and bring your full attention to your desires. In that time, focus on what you want to achieve. And know that even if it seems like it’s just so so far away, life can change in an instant to line up with your desires. The journey is never ever wasted.

Will you make self awareness a part of your daily practice?

Think on that 😉

Much love, T:)

Self-Care: A call to Action

I don’t ever recall being taught self-care in school-back in the 80’s/90’s. Maybe it was, and I just never payed attention? However, a recent poll that I posted, resulted with 99% of all who participated, having had no recollection of ever being taught on the subject either.

Math, science, social studies, language, etc… all of those classes where beneficial to develop our minds as children and into adolescence, however, with the rising number of mental health illnesses today, perhaps something as simple as a class designated just for self-care would have been a gift.

It gives my soul some comfort in knowing that, at the school my children attend, the kids today are receiving some teaching on mental health and how to deal with feelings and emotions. My children are being taught strategies such as: Meditation, praying, journaling, physical activity, talking to someone you trust.

Thinking back to pre-kids, I don’t think I ever even put those two words (self and care) together in a sentence. No one ever taught me what self-care was or what the benefits were. More than that, no one taught me that self-care is not selfish.

I learned to adapt to stressors and I developed a belief system that had me tolerating, and even worse, accepting all forms of stress. I believed that stress was something that I had no control over and that somehow I’d find the strength to embrace the anxiety and simply learn the lesson that came with it. I never paused to consider that I had tools available and at my fingertips to help lessen the stress.

In summary, my belief was: Self care=time waster and selfish. After all, who has time, I thought, to get all ‘in depth’ when there’s so much that needs to get done! Little did I know, that organizing and getting things done, such as, cleaning out the kids closest, IS a form of self-care. By cleaning out your kids closets and getting it done, it prevents the day after day stressor of needing to get the closets cleaned out! (If you want to have weight lifted off your shoulders, clean out and organize that space that JUST came to your mind. (Practical self care) Don’t get overwhelmed. Tip: Start with just one drawer.

Let’s review some different forms of self care and just a few examples that go along with them. While you’re reading through, make a mental note of what self care practices you have no problem turning too, but more importantly, which ones you leave on the back burner.

Emotional self care:
Engaging in activities that help you to connect with your emotions.
Ex: Journaling, time for yourself to do whatever you feel like doing- HAVE THE BUBBLE BATH! Positive affirmations, personal development.

Physical self care:
Doing things that fuel your body and nourish your body. Caring for your physical needs.
Ex: Exercise, drink water, rest, enjoy healthy meals and snack, go for a walk, stretch, dance, get enough sleep.

Mental self-care:
Doing things that help declutter your mind and decrease your stress as well as activities that stimulate your mind.
Ex: Take breaks, listen to uplifting podcasts, read a book, listen to music, take a guilt-free naps, pray, meditate. Here’s as BIG ONE: practice saying “no” (healthy boundaries)

Spiritual self Care:
Engaging in activities that nurtures your spirit and that connects you to a Higher Power (whatever that means to you)
Ex: Prayer, meditation, self-refection, going to a place of worship

Practical self care:
Engaging in tasks that help to decrease future stressful situations.
EX: Creating a budget, cleaning out and organizing your pantry, professional development courses.

Social Self Care:
Engaging in activities that nurtures the relationship that you have in your life.
Ex: Call a friend, go out for coffee with a friend, wine night with the girls 😉
(I understand that this has been a tough one for all of us the last year and a half)

For some of us, when we hear the word ‘self’ attached to anything else, we think “selfish.” But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not just a bubble bath and trip to the salon- although, those are nice treats when you’re able to do them. It’s definitely a form of personal self care and there is most certainly no need to feel guilty about doing them.

The purpose of self-care is to build a connection within ourselves that will keeps us balanced and healthy and in turn, better equipped to support and connect with our loves ones, our co-workers, and our friends and the world around us.

I’m challenging myself to practice a different category of self-care daily for the next 21 days. I’m going to take it a step further and post it on social media to keep myself accountable. (I’m nervous committing to this one because of my tendency to shift gears and drift off once committing. But I’m firm in believing, I’ve got something here that is bigger than myself sooooooo I’m sticking to it!!) follow me on Facebook and Instagram to track my journey if you’d like 🙂

I invite you to come alongside and do this with me. For some of you, this is nothing new and you’re totally rocking the self care areas of your life. In that case, I invite you to do this with me anyway! Let’s flood our social media with self care inspiration to give those who are struggling the boost that they might need. Let’s bring awareness of what self care really is.


Step 1. Practice at least one form of self-care daily.
Step 2. If you so choose, post on IG or FB which activity you engaged in and how it made you feel.
Step 3. Add #wakupriseupconquer #selfcarechallenge to your post.

Much love,

T 🙂

Mom Life, Real Life

Let’s get real, moms. For those of us that have social media, we all post the pic’s reflecting the snuggles, the giggles and the JOY that radiates from our hearts in when it comes to being a ‘mommy’…. Ok. Yes. Those moments of joy are so real and we love our kiddos and we’d do anything for them. But the truth is (unless I’m the ONLY crazy lady here) that some days we just want to lock them in a sound proof room just to get some peace and quiet. If you’re a mom and you’ve never felt like doing this, please share your secret to keeping it cool.

I’m not sharing anything you don’t already know. I know that. And my expert advice for you today? I have none. I’m in the thick of it with you all, my mom friends! But what I do have, is empathy. Everyone of our struggles as mom’s are so very different and yet so very similar. Although I know you know that you’re not alone in this mom life, sometimes is just nice to have that reminder.

-You’re not the only mom that yells
-You’re not the only mom that sounds like she’s having a shit fit to anyone walking by an open window at the same time her 5 year old drops their entire bowl of Mr. Noodle onto the floor after you just cleaned the floor AND had just told her to leave it there, that you’d get it.
-You’re not the only mom that forgets what grade her middle child is in- every year for the last 3 years. -_-
-You’re not the only mom feeling guilty for wanting to start her own business but feeling like it would be a selfish choice.
-You’re not alone

Sometimes you just have to shake it off and realize that finding the answers, or even balance, for that matter, in motherhood is never going to be perfected. Start to perfectly embrace your skill at maneuvering imperfections. You’re going to drop the balls. Some days you’re gonna rock it and somedays you’re gonna flop it so badly. That’s NORMAL! – Welcome to the entire human mom race!

From one mom to the next- Chin up. You’re a mom, but you are a human being first.

When asking Ruby, what she thought I did for fun as a mom- her response was priceless and so very true “You sing around the house and you bother the children.”

That. That right there is the answer ^^^^. Most mornings, I dance and sing like NOBODY is watching – which you will NEVER witness unless my children secretly record it and post it on Youtube haha. I’m learing to be a real goof in the midst of my big flops. The kids definitely get to witness real life at it’s finest right here in this vessel of mine.

Feel free to watch the little clip below of our two youngest letting me know what they think being a mom is all about 😉

Much love,


Don’t Ignore the Aha

So often I have thoughts, visions, insights and encouraging words rolling around in my brain and I think to myself, “ohhh, I’ve gotta blog about that!” I’ll get an aha! moment and just wanna share it with everyone ’cause out of ‘everyone’ there’s gonna be maybe at least one person that will find encouragement from it.

Well. I’ve gotta say, I haven’t been following through. I put it off, thinking that ‘later’ will be more convenient…when it never EVER is. Before I know it, a day, a week, a month goes by and my aha moment was never shared.

Really, my excuses are endless and I’m not even going to list them here because as I was writing them out, I couldn’t get over how pathetic each excuse was. (Glad I took that course on how to deal with irrational thoughts!) I’m one to encourage others to get out of their own heads. How can I coach and encourage others, when I suck so bad at coaching myself? If you can’t say Amen, say ouch.

Time to practice what I preach.

Every Tuesday, you’ll find a post on THIS very blog with only God knows what kind of content. I love structure but I’m finding a true desire to explore and go where the wind blows these last few months.

I can tell you it will most likely have something to do with REAL LIFE and MINDSET.

My encouragement for YOU today- Don’t keep putting off your aha moments! You don’t know WHO in this world is going to be impacted when you follow through with them.

Go today, where the wind takes you.

Yours truly,

T 🙂

Plan of Attack

This morning I sat down with my journal, my pen, my coffee, my book and I took a deep breath, so hopeful that today would be the day that my inspiration would return and my confidence would sky rocket!

It’s been a long few weeks of trying to fight the tides of uncertainty, doubt and lack of inspiration within myself.

I took my first sip of coffee and thought “I’m so ready. Motivation, let’s go!” No more blah days. No more fatigue. No more waiting around for inspiration and confidence to just fall into my lap. I was ready to force my way out of the discomfort that I’ve been experiencing.

I opened up my journal- the place I write my dreams, affirmations, visualizations, gratitude and positive self-talk. What I realized at that moment was that I didn’t have the strength or desire to do any of those things. And then it hit me.


Tara, you need to release.

Release???? No. Anything BUT that. I hadn’t journaled about my feelings in a really really long time. What came next is embarrassing to even admit but I’ll tell you anyway. Like a 2 year old, I sat cross legged on the couch, folded my arms against my chest and defiantly said to my self “nope” while turning my attention to social media.

I didn’t want to visit those feelings- feelings of inadequacy, feelings of failure, feelings of resentment. Nope, nope, and NOPE.

Just then, I was distracted by my bubbly little 6 year old Miss Bella. I could her her little voice going a million miles a minute.

Let me give you a quick back story.

Miss Bella struggles with learning. Things don’t come easy for her. There’ve been a lot of tears over the last few months – especially when virtual learning came about. But in saying that, as difficult as it is for her to learn how to read and as much as she’s been struggling and as defeated and as frustrated as she’s gotten. Even when her eyes fill with tears and she says “I just can’t do it”, she ALWAYS tries again. Even with her struggles to read, SHE LOVES TO READ. She gets excited and KEEPS TRYING. (She’s also been doing amazing- because she’s not given up!)

This precious little six year old inspired me.

If miss Bella could do the hard to do things, so can her mama, I thought.

I turned back to my journal, took another sip of coffee, relaxed my tense shoulders and began to write. It all spilled out onto the pages of my journal.

I took every challenge, every defeat, every doubt and I wrote it down.

On the pages that followed, I wrote 2 simples but gaming changing words:

Action Plan

For every negative thought spoken, an action plan will follow. A plan of attack. Without journaling my thoughts and breaking them down, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with a clear plan of action.

If you’re constantly thinking about all of the bits of your life that are bothering you, please don’t stay there. Don’t give up on yourself- take action and motivation will follow.

Here’s an example to get you started…

Area of struggle Action takenNotesGoal complete(date) 
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Self doubt

-Lacking motivation 

-Not ready to go there
-Can’t workout the way I’d like due to pain

Anyway, you get the idea right?! These are general and vague examples. Be as clear and concise as you can when writing down your challenge AND your action plan. The clearer you are, the better the outcome.

Write it down. And then work at it. No pressure. No deadline. You choose. You control your thoughts. You control your choices.

Cheers to my peeps that don’t have it all together and aren’t ashamed to share it ❤

Love from T 🙂

Where the F am I going?

I’m not gonna lie. Those of you who follow me on social media know that I’m either rocking my day or I’m questioning my very existence in this world. You see…I don’t think that I’m the only one that ever has these up’s and down’s. But I do think, that I’m part of the minority that likes to be honest about my life to the online world by sharing intimate details about feelings of failure and doubt, along with my moments of victory.

There are some with the opinion that social media is not the place to share every detail of your life, but you know what I say? To each their own! I share what I share because I want to encourage more women to share how they ACTUALLY struggle in this life. Not to herd a multitude of grumpy unfulfilled women, but to CONNECT with a multitude of women that share in the same struggles, who desire to be empowered to reach for the stars and land on the moon, where all of their dreams await.

Which, brings me to the purpose of this post. Where the F am I going? (the F can be interpreted to which ever F word is least offensive but still emphasizing that it is a word meant to bold my statement of struggling with : Where in the FIRECRACKER am I going in life?!?! Am I coming or going? Some days that is a straight up legit question that I ask myself.

After 8 years, I decided to leave my full time office job to jump into the nursing trenches with the front line workers. Crazy? Maybe. But that’s another post entirely on it’s own.

The point is. In the midst of a global pandemic, I chose to make a change because I was restless and burnt out and knew that change needed to happen. That change hasn’t come with thoughts of “what the ‘firecracker’ have I done?” It’s a lot to learn and a huge shift in my routine. ( For those that don’t know me- I LOVE ROUTINE!) So for now, the routine is out the window- another big change.

Working part-time, I thought, was going to be the PERFECT DEAL. On my days off, I said to myself, I’m going to run full steam ahead with my business.

You wanna know what I did all day yesterday and part of today? Sit here on my days off. Paralyzed. yep. Unproductive. Scrolling social media but no motivation to post any words of encouragement. Which brought me to “What the F am I doing?”

So you know what I’m doing?

I finally had to give myself some tough love with a pinch of gentleness.

“Tara,” I told myself (yes, out loud) “STOP feeling sorry for yourself. Stop thinking about everything that’s not going right. Make the change. Take the pressure off. Bring it back to the basics. Write down your goals and write down your WHY. Start there.”

My overwhelmed self, has been screaming, ‘you’re off today.!Be productive!’ A list was piled in my head. So much stuff that would take so much time and because I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start. And so I didn’t. I drank tea. I drank water. I cleaned the kitchen. I made stuffed peppers. I made my bed. I scrolled social media. I didn’t even respond to text messages because I was unmotivated to the point of even connect with anyone.

So there yo have it. Tara, the woman with the motto to ‘wake up, rise up and conquer’ sat still the last 2 days and mulled over how overwhelmed she was and didn’t do an once of personal development.

Listen guys, life as we know it has changed. Take the pressure off if you’re unsure of what the next step is. Don’t feel pressured to go at the same pace as everyone else. Don’t skip over the basics. Don’t feel unproductive if you sit down and journal to get your thoughts in order. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t message your clients back for a day. There are no rules. YOU are the one that calls the shots on how you manage your time and when you complete a goal. It doesn’t need to get done in ONE DAY.

If you don’t know where the F you’re going, get out your pen and paper. Brainstorm your dreams and goals. Write them down. And THEN write down WHY. WHY do you have the dreams you have? WHY do you wan to accomplish the goals you have written down?

Start there…and see what happens 😉

T 🙂

Mindset Vs Covid

Covid-19 came in like a lion no doubt about it.

Not soon after the start of this covid battle, we realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t only an attack on our physical bodies but an attack on every single area of our lives. To help stop the spread and ‘flatten the curve’, we started practicing social distancing, staying home. Some have loss of work, for some it’s overtime at work. The list is so long. Covid-19 is now affecting every area of our lives:








Understand and know that it’s ok to stop and recognize how this is affecting you. Pausing to acknowledge how it’s affecting you is wise and healthy. So many of us are going on auto pilot refusing to think about any of it, while so many of us can’t think about anything BUT the virus and how it’s affecting our lives so negatively. Either way, both extremes are unhealthy and will eventually leave you exhausted and feeling defeated….

I’m not an expert but I do have a rather simple solution to aid in how we can cope with the challenges at hand. Challenges that we feel are totally out of our control. Although you might not have control over several of these areas, you CAN be in charge of finding solutions and gearing your thoughts to the good and away from the bad.

I’m encouraging you to sit down and fully allow yourself to think on how this is affecting you and to write down (yes, old school like with a pen and a paper. When we write it down, it holds greater potential to stick in our minds than if we simply think fleetingly about these things.)

So, ready?

Go write down all of your struggles and fears due to this dang virus and and don’t be afraid to admit to them. Write ’em all down…and go….

Did you write them all down? Most of you didn’t, but that’s ok, I know you want to keep reading to see what’s the next step is. 😉


For all of those fears or challenges that you wrote down, you are going to brainstorm possible solutions. TAKING ACTION is the BEST way to beat this things while focusing on one day at a time. Don’t overthink it. Just write down what you’re thinking.

Allow me to give an example.

Write down the areas of your life (Like I did at the top of this post) add or take away whatever is or isn’t of pertinence to you.

Step one-
I’m out of business which means I don’t have any funds coming in. I need money to survive and trying to figure out EI is confusing and I don’t know how to do it. My stress has been climbing every day because of it and I can’t sleep at night because of it.
Step 2-
**BRAIN STORM THE SOLUTION – I’m going to take a deep breath and investigate the steps I need to take. I will go online and look it up. I will reach out to friends going through the same difficulty and ask what steps they took if I’m confused about it. I will call the EI office even if I have to wait on hold for 4 hours. I will call my mortgage company, my vehicle company and see about deferrals.
Step 3-
END WITH A POSITIVE MINDSET THOUGHT- Instead of stressing out and thinking about how stressed I am, I WILL be moved to take action in this area and I will feel so much better for working through these steps.

You might think this exercise is too simple to be effective but what do you have to lose by trying it? You can be as detailed as you want. Add everything that’s weighing on you and work through each step
These simple steps, will allow you to break down your racing thoughts into bite size pieces so that it will allow you to process one at time, all while adding a positive mindset to the mix and decreasing the overwhelming weight that’s looming.

If you’re overwhelmed, I really, really encourage you to do this. Even if it’s just one area at a time.

When we’re overwhelmed it’s easy to slip into ‘deer in a set of headlights’ mode-paralyzed, can’t move, can’t think straight, mind racing. But when you’re moved to take action, you gain control of your thoughts, you find confidence in taking steps to finding a solution. Force yourself to look for the solutions. They are there. And you are capable. We are all in this together. My hope is that you don’t feel alone. Shoot me a message if you’re feeling the weight of loneliness or reach out to a loved one. Don’t go through this alone.

Love from Tara 🙂

Suck It Up

The title of this post isn’t exactly one that you would want or expect to hear coming from your coach, a friend or a loved one. You might think it’s rather insensitive. But believe me that when I’m saying ‘suck it up’, it’s coming from a place of tenderness.

Before I add my 2 cents, let me tell you a little bit about why I feel so passionate about the topic of mindset. I’m sure you’ll find that as you read what I’m about to tell you, you’ll be nodding your head in agreement as it’s really no big surprise.

We were born with a natural tendency to feel happiness when we get our way and to feel disappointment when we don’t. Do you know of any child, that when they want something so bad and mom or dad says ‘no’, the child automatically starts jumping up and down joyfully because they didn’t get what they wanted? Of course not! They pout, sometimes try to manipulate mom and dad into changing their minds, throw a fit sometimes, try to bargain with mom and dad, maybe even threaten to run away? :p And truth be told….

That natural tendency follows us into adulthood. Right? come on now. You know it’s true. Learning to be content and taking control of your thoughts and emotions is a LEARNED skill. It will never come natural. I repeat- NEVER come natural. You need to rewire your thought process to see the positive in the midst of the disappointments.

Our emotions (good or bad) are spearheaded by an event/a moment that has taken place in our lives. If we get our way and feel good, we’re happy. If we don’t get our way and feel bad, we’re upset, to say the least. We justify our poor attitudes with comments such as “I can’t control how I feel.” Or “my feelings can’t just switch from angry to elated” or “from depressed to loving life. It’s impossible,” we say…But is it?

The hard truth is that you DO have a choice. You get to choose what you’re going to think. You get to choose wether or not to camp out in sadness or to pick yourself up. You get to choose wether or not you’re going to find the good in a bad situation. You do need to acknowledge your feelings BUT you also have the choice to stay and play the victim or to stand move forward.

Here comes the really hard part, (I’m not gonna lie). KNOWING you have the choice to change your thoughts and then actually following through with it- EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT, is HARD STUFF! But it’s possible and so worth it!

Are you ready? Are you willing to start changing your thought pattern from negative to positive? It’s not an overnight sorta deal. It’s a daily, monthly, yearly, life long journey that will transform your life over time.

Am I alone in this? Is anyone else willing to learn how to transform your thought patterns from ones of defeat, sadness, boredom, purposeless to ones of purpose, victory, determination, satisfaction and joy?

Listen up….I preach it because I live it. I preach it because I practice changing my mindset and have seen and experienced the benefits of trudging through to the other side. I preach it, not because I’ve mastered it, but because I know how victorious it is to overcome. I preach it because it brings freedom, and I want others who are struggling to have that same freedom.

Trust that when you practice changing your mindset, other great things in life will follow…

Till next time friends,

Tara Fraser

Change your Mindset, Change your Life

I was chubby in highschool- and like a lot of teenage girls, I was craving acceptance from my peers. I thought the only way to do that was to look and act a certain way.

For my grade eight graduation, I asked my mom if I could get a hair cut. (This, I decided, would be the start of my journey to beauty.) I had a vision in my mind about what it would look like to have a cute short little bob. Ever had a vision in your mind of what something would look like only to have it turn out absolutely nothing like what you had envisioned?

Yep, that happened. My wishful gorgeous transformation left me looking like a boy. Nothing cute or pretty about that hair cut let me tell you…. my hair never has been quick to grow and so summer passed by and in enters Tara to high school with a short boyish hairdo and a chubby figure. Did I mention I was also on medication that caused terrible acne, weight gain, fluid retention and mood swings? I was an emotional HOTTTT MESSSSS!

I struggled well past my high school years with body image issues. I ended up losing a ton of weight, mostly due to stress and not due to making healthy choices. My meals consisted of chips, chocolate bars, and frozen dinners. I might have been ‘skinny’ but my emotional state wasn’t good.

Fast forward….then came child #1, then 2, then 3, then 4 then 5…. I had gained my weight back…AND had to increase on the dreadful mediation with each pregnancy…you know, the one that gave me acne and weight gain and mood swings?…yeah…that one. I was still an emotional HOT MESSSS and now struggling even as an adult with how I looked.

By the time babe # 5 came around, I just wanted to feel good in my own pants- not maternity pants hahahaaaaa… and so it began…the fitness journey. I was consumed with weight loss and obsessed with what the numbers on the scale was telling me and if I went up a pound, I was ANGRY. No other way to put it. And so I would starve myself for a day or 2 to get that magic number again, only to play on that yo yo train non stop.

Let’s fast forward to today…. It has taken me a while to get this revelation…but I now understand that feeling good about yourself doesn’t start with HOW you look, or how much you workout…it starts with your MINDSET. Nothing will ever shift if you don’t shift your thinking.

I spent most of my teenage life and adult life up to this point, wanting to look a certain way because that’s what society expects. Who says we need to be or look a certain way anyway? Who gets to make that call??

I’m now developing muscles (something I’ve never had!)-(I’m rarely weighing myself and it’s liberating by the way)

I hear people say a lot of times that women with too much muscle is not their ‘cup of tea’…well. I don’t wanna be anyone’s cup of tea. I want to be ME. I’ve got muscle and I’ve got fat and I’ve got stretch marks and rolls and I finally love the me that I am. I love pushing to see what my body is capable of.

Everyone is always going to have an opinion. But just incase you didn’t know- their opinions don’t really matter. What matters is that you run after the best version of yourself and love yourself along the way to where you’re going.

You are amazing and beautiful and capable. That is the truth xo


Stop Beating Yourself Up!

It’s January 3rd. You wake up and wanna GIVE UP. It’s day 3 of committing to your New Years resolution and you’ve messed it up already…skipped the workout when you determined to workout EVERYDAY, ate the cookie (ahem-guilty) when you declared CLEAN EATING FOR 2020!, yelled at your kids, slept in, goofed up at work…or you might just plain old feel BLAH when you promised yourself ‘this year, imma be nice to people and think positive no matter what!’…but already snapped at those you love and are battling retched thoughts.

Ohhhhh dear friends…you haven’t failed. You have not ruined 2020 already. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.

Pause. Deep breath. Take the pressure off of yourself and forgive yourself- right here, right now.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until 2021 to start over. Every DAY is a new opportunity to rise above and reach new heights. Every day is a new opportunity to wake up, eat clean, workout, give yourself an attitude check and conquer goals.

Anyone else know what I’m talkin’ about? Or am I preaching to myself?

It’s a new day. Get up…or stay in bed. Workout…or give yourself grace and rest if you need it. Everyone’s goals are different. Don’t compare. EVER. Comparison is poisonous. Your goals are amazing and you can achieve them.

And a little secret…if you mess up today, it’s not over. Learn from your mistakes today so that you can learn and overcome tomorrow.

Happy Friday friends!

T 🙂